With a rich history dating back centuries, fiber arts have always existed as a channel for creative and cultural expression. The process involves using natural or synthetic fibers and various techniques, such as weaving, to create works of art. The Bucilla Weaving and RyaTie Program presents a contemporary spin on the traditional practices of fiber art, providing various ways to adapt the art and incorporate it into everyday living. 

The Adjustable Looms feature the flexibility to produce projects from home decor to fashion. The unique Weave It N' Leave It Looms offer a fun and simple way to weave without having to remove your piece from the loom. The RyaTie makes it easy to create on-trend, 70's shag-inspired designs with a modernized twist. Each tool in this program comes with extensive education to teach the consumer a new skill and develop a lifelong hobby or trade. From beginner to advanced skill levels, this program offers a unique experience for everyone.