Glass Etching is an erosion on the surface of glass to create a permanent design or an over all etch. Etching goes back to the early 1800’s. At that time, wax was used as a resist and hydrofluoric acid (a very dangerous chemical) was used to etch the glass. In 1933, over a hundred years later, two chemists came up with a magical “one of a kind” formula called ETCHALL.

With Etchall Etching Medium you can etch clear or colored glass… from the finest crystal to recyclable glass from your grocery store or garage sale…from personalizing drinking glasses to logos on store front windows…from matting the tiniest seed beads to decorating your sliding glass doors…from etching vehicle identification numbers on automobile windows to copying your wallpaper pattern on your mirror or ceramic tile on slate. The possibilities are endless!

Etching with Etchall provides a permanent etched surface that is finger print proof. As a bonus, you can paint on top of the etched surface to create beautiful and colorful designs.