Bucilla Cross Stitch & Embroidery Pillowcase Dresses by make it possible to creatively revamp and repurpose a bed linen. Make it with love and gift to your little one to cherish as a keepsake. Each design is super easy to stitch with washable blue ink as your guide. Perfect for ages 3 to 8, it’s the ideal dress for a special springtime occasion.

ATTENTION SUPPLY CRAFT CUSTOMERS--One of Supply Craft's primary vendors, has informed us that due to a disruption in their facility they are suspending orders at this time. This is temporary but indefinite suspension until they can fulfill our orders now in process. If you have an order in place with us now, we are filling them as quickly as we can. 
We apologize for this inconvenience to our customers realizing that many are preparing for their fall shows and other projects. We will start making shipments on new orders just as soon as we can and appreciate your support at this time. If you have questions, please email us at mel@supplycraft.com.